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\The 2019 positions are opened. 

Be part of Wild Kite Peru’s Team!

Wild Kite Peru is a small club based in Mancora on the Peruvian North shore. Enjoy the best routine: Live in a small happy guest house with the rest of the team. On Mornings there’s no wind so you have the time to surf, yoga or wake up late if you had a late night. Mancora enjoys an endless summer, good waves all year around and constant wind from May to mid-january. Come and experience a layback life in Mancora Beach Town, surf, kitesurf and have fun with nice people!

Available jobs:
From the 20th of April to the 15th of January:

In 2020:

The same + a MANAGER (see details Below)





The Wave Kitesurf Guide’s mission is to guide independent kitesurfers on the best Peruvian wind and waves spots, provide them supervision and assistance, and share amazing sessions. With Axel, the Wild Kite Peru founder you will offer wave coaching program, and will occasionally give kitesurf lessons when needed.

“The kitesurfing Wave Guide is like a Superman, but with a more humble style, and a more discreet suit too.”

If you are a true passionate wave rider, free spirit used to travel, speak english and a bit of Spanish too, even maybe another language (French would be awesome), you are over 27 years old, with a more than decent wave riding level, able to rescue someone in open waters, and last but not least you are patient, independent, sociable and a very friendly person. Yeah that’s a lot for one man! I reckon our wave guide is a bit like superman, wear a (wet)suit too, but in a more humble and discreet way.



The Head kitesurf instructor is the school boss! He has the obligation of coming to the club earlier than the others, is in charge of the maintenance and inventory of the kitesurf school equipment, has free accommodation and priority on the kite lessons. The Head Kitesurf Instructor is a cool open-minded, patient, pro-active and responsible person.





We need more kite instructors. Same profile. Has to speak English, Spanish, French is very appreciated too.

Just good vibes!
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This person will be in charge of the reception, put good music and vibes. His mission is to sell our services, make the payments, coordinates the rentals, and help launching / landing kites, do photos and be in charge of creating instagram stories, and taking photos of the clients. For this reason we are looking for someone very sociable, fun but still quite organized at the same time.


We are always looking for talented photographer and / or cameraman to shoot kitesurfing action and lifestyle here on the Peruvian North shore! Note here we are not looking for photo amateur, as I already am one of them 🙂 owning a semi-pro equipment. Here we need highly talented and experienced photographer / cameraman, with the best equipment out there! Photographers used to shoot from the sea with water housing would be particularly appreciated.


We are also happy to welcome volunteers or interns. Several profile may interest us so do not hesitate sending us your most original propositions. Nevertheless here is a list of missions likely to help us:

  • Community manager
  • Kitesurf assistant
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Web marketer
  • writer




MANAGER (2020)

We are also looking for a manager to handle the club next season in 2020. She or He will be responsible of all the operational aspects of the kitesurf club. We are looking for someone with experience managing a kitesurf club and who is able to speak (at least) fluently Spanish and English.


Please drop us a message via email and a CV – if you have that – at [email protected]

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