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Wanna jump to the next level?

Experience our Kitesurf Wave Camp in Peru

Depending on your level, age and abilities, each one of you may have a different objective priority; but, all will find the best out of our kitesurf wave clinics!

When organizing a kite trip on the Peruvian North Shore can be quite complicated, hazardous and expensive if you do it on your own, we give you the possibility of being at the best place at the best time with a nice small group of people, and still be free the rest of the time!

6 good reasons to come with us.

A No Brainer

Sit back and Enjoy the ride

We have 10 years of experience guiding kitesurfing here in Peru. Relax and focus on ripping those waves!

Our Guides

Wave Riding Gurus

Follow and ride with our experienced, talented and raddest guides on the best spots of the north shore!

The Safety

Ride Hang hoose

The guarantee of being secured is
not a luxury when you are riding
far from home.


Small groups: Big Time

5 pers. max ensures exclusivity,
adequate safety conditions and
the best vibes.

Fair Price

Is it really worth the price?

Hell Yeah! Calculate: rent a 4X4 car (paying those
days you kite or rest in Mancora) + gas + the
potential troubles/ risks – coaching – the luxury
of having everything organized for you…= ?

Master the force

Coaching tips included

Everybody needs coaching even the bests! We give
free tips to improve your level. But if you really want
to jump to the next level, then take our video coaching 3 days program.


Best Kitesurf Wave Clinic !

Best kitesurf wave camp in the world! I was taken to the best spots! Never ending waves and wind every day! They know everything about kiting the waves in Peru. Inolvidable!!!!”

Ocean Vagabond, Perth

Unique Kitesurf wave riding experience

“I’ve been going round to most of the best known waves spots in the World and so far, Peru has been the most consistent, and overall the best experience! Wind everyday, all type of waves to rip, virtually empty and safe kitesurf spots. Axel and his team are relaxed and made things just flow…“

Marc, Ireland

Surf, Kitesurf, Eat, Repeat!

Axel has planned already 3 wave kitesurf trips for me and I will definitely go back again.Sylvia, Hossegor


Everyday get aboard our Land cruiser with our experienced wave guide and a few other happy riders, go kitesurfing the best spots of the north shore depending on the conditions.

Duration: 4 to 7 hours.
Includes: Our wave coaching tips.
USD 60
Price per person per trip


Whoever wants to get to the next level, fast! We’ve shaped an exhaustive 3D program that we personalize for each rider.

A 3 day video-coaching program, includes:

  • theoretical courses
  • videos footage & debrief
  • daily personalized objectives
  • free access to videos

USD 190

Price per person


Get the perfect souvenir that you will keep all your life, and show your (future) grand son how papy was ripping back in the days!

Duration: 1 session

USD 20 – 50

Price per person




Get the best out of the Peruvian wave riding conditions!

6 kitesurfaris and kite in front of our club the rest of the time.

Kite, sleap, eat and repeat!

  • 9 nights accommodation
  • breakfast
  • 6 kite safaris


Ride the best spots of the north shore with our experienced guide and a happy few. And get to the next level thanks to our personalized 3D wave coaching program!

  • 9 nights accomodation
  • breakfast included
  • 6 kite safaris
  • 3 days video coaching program


For the ones who want to stay active all the time: do some morning activities, one SUP morning tour, and a therapeutical massage at the end of the journey.

  • 9 nights accomodation
  • breakfast included
  • 1 morning SUP tour
  • surf, SUP, or yoga every morning
  • 6 kitesurfaris
  • 1 therapeutical massage


What’s the general plan of your Wave Kitesurf Camp?

You can come whenever you like during the wind season: from April to November (December and January are windy still, but not the greatest for expert wave riders).

Everyday (or whenever you like, just by letting us know the day before) between 10h30 and 11h30, we go aboard our 4X4 Land Cruiser with the aim of providing you with the best wave spots around.

We base our search on the meteorological conditions (tide, swell direction, wind strength, sand banks), and your level. The spots are between 30 minutes and 1 hour away from our base in Máncora and each one have different level requirements. We incorporate this in our decision for the spot.

Additionally, you have the option to choose between three different downwinders. Thereby, you will have an endless shore break wave to play around with and a unique coastline view.

For days when you would like to have the luxury of restaurants, bars and other attractions around you, you have the opportunity to enjoy the point break, freeriding and hydrofoiling here in our kite club in Máncora.

We ask you to book at least 4 kitesurfaris per week.

But, where do we stay?

The easiest is to stay in our eco-house 5mn walking from the main kitesurfing spot in Mancora. We offer special rates to our guests.

But if you have special needs, we would be happy to find the best lodging for you : our Ocean view hotel Suite Club, a 4 stars superb hotel boutique on a dreamed beach, or rent a beautiful house with chef.

See our selection here.

How long each surfari lasts?

Everyday (or whenever you like, just by letting us know the day before) we leave our club between 10h30 and 11h30.

One way-trip may last from 20min to 1h20.

We try to come back to the club from 17h to 18h30 before the night comes.

How many persons can go?

We do not want too many participants. We have just 6 seats maximum in our Land Cruiser.

But if you are a group or just want a private guide and car, just let us know.

Who can go?

Our kitesurf safaris are aimed to either beginners or experts kitesurfers in search of the most gourmet wave & wind conditions.

The participants should have a good general control of the kite, be able to land basic jumps, ride toeside, body-drag upwind and know how to do a self rescue (we can do a refresh on that).

What is included in the surfaris?

The ride to the spot in our Land Cruiser. We proceed our trips for two to six participants;

Our wave kitesurfing guide will be there for you to explain you each spot and its individual specifics and provide you some tips to improve your technique (if necessary);

Safety is very important for us. With supervision and assistance if needed, first aid case, and emergency processes in case of a problem, we try to reduce any safety risks.

Is kitesurfing waves safe in Peru?

the Peruvian north shore waves kitesurfing spots are the safest thanks to sandy banks, virgin beaches, the absence of sharks or other malevolent animals.

What about the rest the day?

During the rest of the day we will offer you other activities (yoga, sup, surf, etc.) but you are free to organize your own timetable.