Infinitely Long, Pure and Tidy Waves, Safe Sand Seabed and Constant Winds, Welcome on the Peruvian Northshore.

One of the World's Best Climate!

Endless summer, dry, not too hot, the Peruvian Northshore climate has been elected by National Geographic to be the 3rd World's best climate.

Mancora for you and/or your family

Mancora the fishermen village, a perfect base for our trips, and for the people accompanying you. During the day relax on the beach or do an activity, by night re-relax or go out and try the restaurants and bars...

A Gastronomy off the chart!

In 2013, Peru has been named best destination for culinary tourism twice in a row by the World's Travel Awards.

Lots of activities.

In our trip we include Yoga, SUP but you can also do: diving, surfing, spearfishing, off-shore sport fishing, whalewatching, learning spanish, etc.

The Peruvian northshore hides some of the best wave spots on earth. Here are just a few names:


Chicama, the longest leftside wave of the world, the “Miss Universe”.

Cabo Blanco, shelter of Hemingway almost sixty years ago and a place of world-class tubular waves. Lobitos where the long perfect waves regularly break on a surreal background of disused oil refinery.

The reputation of the waves in Northern Peru is second to none! Their abundance and quality is the result of an exceptional geographical situation: at the confluent of two ocean currents and at the edge of two hemispheres.


From May to December, constant wind wipes out that deserted and spectacular coastline. During this time, a unique combination searched by every waverider occurs almost undisrupted:


Cm Waves Max.


300 cm / 10 feet waves maximum. (some barrels) Type of wave: leftside pointbreak, beachbreak Pure, tidy and consistent waves. Perfect waves either for the waveriding beginners or the experts!

96 %

Wind Statistics

From 13-25 knots. Starts around 12 pm and dies down around 6 pm. South direction. Period: May-December.

Degrees Fahrenheit


81ºF / 27ºC Mancora enjoys perfect temperatures the whole wind season . Hot and dry during the day, cool nights. Wear shorts and add a light sweatshirt during the evening.



…and with Dolphins, Sealions, Turtles, pelicans. From july to October, you will have the chance to ride with whales or go whalewatching on boat!



You will be suprised by the abundancy of sea life in Mancora!

Relax or Party

Relax or Party

In Mancora it is possible to relax in a Hammock, at the spa or on a local healer table. Or go party…